What is Fios?

The most awarded network for internet speed and customer satisfaction over the past 10 years.

Fios Internet utilizes fiber-optic technology to give users the fastest speeds available. With its 100% fiber-optic network, Fios Internet allows you to experience a reliable connection that provides virtually seamless streaming of HD video.

How does Fios work?

Using the power of fiber-optic lines that transmit data more efficiently than copper cable, Fios sends high-capacity internet, TV, and phone signals straight to your home.

Fiber to the home vs fiber to the node.

Many cable TV and internet service providers run a fiber-optic line into a neighborhood hub called a node. Copper wires then transmit data and TV signals from the node to the home but these copper wires don’t have the same bandwidth capacity or speed efficiency of a fiber-optic line. In contrast, Fios runs fiber directly to your home for unbeatable reliability.

Why is fiber service faster?

Unlike copper cable lines, fiber-optic lines are made up of strands of glass. These strands transmit information at almost the speed of light and transfer vast amounts of data much more efficiently than copper wire.

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