Welcome to Phase One of FiberFastFuture. We are so excited that you are joining the most dynamic sales channel on Verizon’s FiOS Strategic and Digital Sales Team. Our department, a division of Verizon’s FiOS salesforce, has been responsible for 30% of the growth for the last six years running. It’s only going to get better from here.

We breathe life into Verizon FiOS customer service. We are not just brand ambassadors. We change lives. We take pride in the stellar service that provides the digital solutions that transform customers’ lives. This is just the beginning of your journey. In this journey, the amount of income you earn depends on your willingness to master the craft. But on this team, we want to see you succeed. And we’ll help you get there. You are joining a community that celebrates the individual, learns from each other, and builds upon one another. We encourage individual growth for a collective goal. Empowering you as a person, while refining sales skills along the way.

We will supply the how and when you supply the why. We want to know what drives you. Show us that you care, and we will provide you with leadership opportunities for you to develop. You don’t have to be a sales pro to start but you have to start to become one. I rest my head at night because Verizon’s Fios Strategic and Digital Sales Team does one thing exceptionally well; we connect our customers to better value!